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Different Grades of Copper for Recycling

Posted - 01/20/2012

It is very wise to recycle copper, but you need to know about the different grades before you do. This will allow you to recycle them in the right fashion. You may even be able to get money for the copper if it is of a very high quality. To start with, there is Pure Copper. The metal can only be considered pure if it consists of over ninety percent copper, without impurities. Most of the time, it is much closer to ninety-nine percent copper. The next grade is Pitch Copper. This is also very pure, but it has been treated for use with electricity. Since copper wiring is used so extensively, this can be rather valuable. It is also common because many people want to recycle the old wires that they have in their homes. After that, there is Oxygen Free Copper. This has been treated as well, and all of the oxygen has been taken out. You cannot recycle this because air will get into it, but the base copper can be recycled. The last type is a Copper Alloy. This is any copper that has been combined with other materials or other metals to form a new metal.
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