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How to Recycle Copper Power Cords

Posted - 01/20/2012

Whether you want to sell the metal as scrap or you're just environmentally conscious and want to recycle what you can, copper power cords are one thing to consider. Getting to that metal for scrap recycling can be a bit of a chore, but you have alternatives. If you're recycling a copper power cord as scrap metal, you'll want to cut off the plug ends of the wiring. Then you'll need to carefully cut away any rubber or plastic coatings and insulation, exposing the bare wires. These wires can be sorted by grade and sold for scrap at any local scrap dealer. The price of only a few ounces of scrap copper may not make it worth it, so do your research. To recycle the copper power cords without going through all the hassle, you can investigate various recycling centers around your area. Electronics stores often have cord recycling programs. Other more general recycling plants can be found online, and may have special rules for power cords themselves. You can also call the local waste management company and ask if they have special protocols. There are plenty of safe and environmentally sound ways to recycle your unwanted copper power cords.
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