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How to Strip Cords to Sell for Scrap Metal

Posted - 01/20/2012

If you want to make a few quick bucks, stripping cords to sell for scrap metal is the way to go. While stripping cords isn't a difficult task to accomplish, it can be a bit challenging if you are new to the process. Before you begin the task of stripping cords to sell for scrap metal, you're first going to need to gather a few important tools. Besides having a pair of wire cutters handy, you will also need a utility knife and a pair of wire strippers.

Pick up the wire cutters and deftly clip off the ends of the cord. Unbeknownst to many people, the ends of a cord aren't necessarily considered scrap metal. Put the wire cutters aside and pick up the utility knife. Begin cutting the cord open. For safety reasons, you should always cut away from your body. Separate or unwind the copper wires. In most cases, the copper wires inside the cord will be braided together. Finally, pick up the wire strippers and begin stripping the coating from each copper wire. To strip the coating from the wire, simply place the wire stripper over the wire and pull away from the wire's main body.
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